SILKE CHORUS works as a trainer for Appreciative Communication and as a bicycle mechanic. She also has a PhD in Political Science and the Healing Permit for Psychotherapy. Until 2012, she worked in the field of feminist macroeconomics at the university, where she dealt with organizations and functional relationships. She combines her precise, strategic thinking and her knowledge of social power relations with her empathic, needs-oriented attitude. She is a caregiver for two children and conducts research in the field of care economics.


ING HOLZMAYER works as a trainer for Appreciative Communication, and as a systemic coach and a moderator. She has spent more than a decade working in fundraising, strategy and public relations for political organizations. Her clarity combines presence, empathy and lightness. She sees her work as particularly successful when people continue to ask questions, listen and derive new insights, opening up perspectives that were previously unthinkable. In addition to her work as a trainer and coach, she does research in the field of bodywork and is the parent of two children.