You want to evolve and change something in your life, but do not know what exactly, let alone how? You wish to understand and change conflict situations? You are in an acute conflict and you want to reach a solution that feels good to all in a secure, respectful frame? In customized sessions we offer you two different formats:

Empathetic Coaching:

Our empathy supports you to get in sensitive, clear and loving contact with yourself. On this basis, you can find solutions to your questions that feel good and work long-term. We also work with systemic and humanistic approaches and, if desired, integrate body-therapeutic methods, movement and breathing into the process.

Empathetic Mediation:

In conflicts, our thoughts and feelings become tight and hard, we no longer feel connected and consume huge amounts of emotional energy. That does not feel good for anyone. In empathetic mediation, you get access to your feelings and your unfulfilled needs - and those of your conflict partner. On this basis, you can take responsibility for what you want and need - while seeing and appreciating your counterpart. We accompany your process patiently and clearly, whether as a couple or part of a larger group.

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